LINIE prunes cooked with vanilla

LINIE prunes cooked with vanilla

0 h 30 min

Let's make LINIE plums cooked with vanilla. The plums absorb the flavor of the barrel-aged LINIE, making them extra juicy. They pair exceptionally well with blue cheese or on top of a slice of brie, adding a sweet contrast to the cheese's rich flavor. You can also try them as a sweet side to the salty roast pork, offering an exciting alternative to the traditional jelly.

Fun fact Did you know that the soft and well-balanced character of LINIE Aquavit makes it a versatile spirit that pairs wonderfully with a wide range of dishes?


LINIE prunes

  • 1 kg prunes without pits

  • 170 g cane sugar

  • 200 ml red wine or similar

  • 200 ml water 

  • 100 ml LINIE Aquavit Original

  • 2 vanilla beans — split and scraped

  • 1 organic orange — both zest and juice

Preparation steps

    LINIE prunes

    1. Bring all the ingredients to a boil and let it simmer for approximately 30 minutes until the liquid is thick and delicious.

    2. Transfer the mixture to preserving jars and refrigerate for a minimum of 24 hours, preferably longer.

Serve with a glass of LINIE In addition to being a classic, high-quality aquavit, LINIE is also great for food pairing. What sets LINIE apart is its distinctive aging process. During maturation, it develops a natural sweetness and spiciness that makes it perfect for accompanying a variety of dishes. LINIE acts as a flavor enhancer, creating a harmonious balance between both food and aquavit.

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