LINIE Double Cask Port

LINIE Double Cask Port is created more than 200 years after the original and what differentiates it from its predecessor, is its second maturation process. After completing the traditional maturation for 4 months at sea and 12 months in storage, the aquavit is aged for another 12 months in carefully selected Port casks.

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Packshot of LINIE Double Cask Port
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Latest awards

  • 2023 Double Gold International Spirits Competition
  • IWSC 2022 silver award
  • International Spirits Challenge 2021 gold award
  • IWSC 2021 silver award
  • International Spirits Challenge 2020 double gold award
  • IWSC 2020 silver award
LINIE Double Cask Port bottle along side cheese setup

Double cask for unparalleled smoothness

The prolonged maturation of LINIE Double Cask Port creates an additional smoothness. It also adds more complexity and and extra taste dimension to the LINIE Original’s notes of caraway and star anise, with hints of dried fruit and sweet vanilla.

Linie Aquavit - A pile of spices

Nordic spices for a distinctive flavor

The bright days and cold nights of the Nordic summer produce herbs and spices with extra flavor, contributing to the aquavit’s characteristic taste. Caraway is the lead botanical and together with star anise, these are two most important spices of LINIE Aquavit.

Group of LINIE sherry oak casks

Facts and tasting notes

Cask maturation 28 months

ABV 41.5%

Flavor strength 5 out of 6

Best served Room temperature

Color A rich and deep amber color with a slight copper hue.

Smell Allow the intense aromas of caraway and star anise to captivate your senses, evoking images of vineyards and cellars filled with the essence of tradition and time.

Flavor Prepare for a truly indulgent experience as you taste LINIE Double Cask Port. The smooth and silky texture reveals a symphony of flavors, with subtle notes of vanilla, caramel and dried fruits. The marriage of port wine casks and LINIE's meticulous craftsmanship results in a truly extraordinary aquavit that embodies the rich heritage of both traditions.

Aftertaste The lingering aftertaste of LINIE Double Cask Port is a testament to its remarkable character. The long and rich finish continues to unfold, leaving a tantalizing impression of the exquisite port wine essence. Each sip invites you to savor the moment, as the flavors gracefully fade, leaving a lasting memory of this remarkable double cask aquavit.

LINIE Double Cask Port

Extraordinary smooth texture

The extraordinary smooth and silky texture makes LINIE Double Cask Port ideal to serve and enjoy on its own (preferably at room temperature in tulip shaped glasses), but it also pairs perfectly with coffee and rich desserts. Furthermore, the sweet notes from the extra maturation in Madeira casks makes it a good match for a variety of cheeses.

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LINIE Aquavit cake being sprinkled with powder sugar
LINIE Aquavit served with a piece of cake

Aged to perfection with Nordic herbs and spices

If the Nordic countries had a single, signature drink, it would undoubtedly be the spirit aquavit. This matured, spiced and fruity aquavit carries a lot of flavor, making it perfect for both before and after a meal. The long warming aftertaste with subtle notes of herbs and spices gives you pleasure and awakes your digestion process.

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Linie Aquavit beton background

LINIE Aquavit

Matured at sea in sherry oak casks

Packshot of LINIE Double Cask Port
Packshot of LINIE Original 70cl
Packshot of LINIE Double Cask Madeira

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