Oslofjord cocktail


  • 5 cl LINIE Aquavit

  • 4 cl clarified almond milk

  • 2 cl dry vermouth

  • 0.5 cl elderflower sirup

  • Clarified almond milk:

  • 10 parts almond milk

  • 3 parts fresh lime juice

  • 5 parts sea buckthorn juice

Preparation steps

    Stir all the ingredients together and savor the flavors in good company. Enjoy the delightful blend of ingredients reminiscent of the beautiful Oslofjord.

    #LINIEdrinks LINIE Aquavit provides a spicy and distinctive flavor that harmoniously combines with the slightly sweet almond milk, dry Vermouth and delicate elderflower syrup, creating an elegant and subtle cocktail inspired by the Nordic landscape.