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Linie Award

The Nordic region’s most prestigious competition for young chefs and bartenders is where the cream of the crop rises to the top.
Tjuvholmen, Sjømagasin, Oslo, June 5th 2014.

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Linie Aquavit presents

Our epic story

Unprecedented bravery and flat out foolish optimism started our journey. Strength of character and perseverance guided us home. Then we did it again.
Everyone has a story to tell. Ours is just more interesting.

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Take a look at our products, why don’t you? Although the characteristics of each variant differ, 
they all share a common DNA. Three shades of great, and all kinds of wonderful.

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It's made

LINIE Aquavit is mostly known for being matured at sea, in sherry casks shipped around the world, but that’s only part of the story. Learn more about what aquavit is, how it’s made, and what makes LINIE so special.

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The journey

Each and every drop of LINIE Aquavit has been shipped across the equator twice, just to be matured at sea.

Soon you can follow the journey of your bottle and see how, where and when it traveled around the world before arriving at your table.

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Drink responsibility, every drop of Linie Aquavit is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. You must be of legal drinking age to enter this website.

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