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For centuries, LINIE has been matured at sea in sherry oak casks to gain its unparalleled smoothness and unique taste.


Explore superior smoothness and taste.

For centuries, LINIE Aquavit has been the preferred aquavit in the Nordic countries. Produced up north, LINIE is then sailed across the world in sherry casks to mature. The result is an extraordinary aquavit, distinguished by its unparalleled smoothness and taste.

Perfect in a drink, on the rocks or as a delicious match to food.


LINIE Ginger

Taste how LINIE’s smoothness and notes of caraway and star anise turn into quite a crispy duet with ginger beer.

Mix it

Long drink glass with ice cubes
4 cl LINIE Aquavit
Fill up with ginger beer
A slice of lime and fresh peels of ginger roots

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